Happy 51st Birthday Michael Jackson

Well done, Google.


Well done, Spike Lee, for giving MJ a great 51st birthday celebration.


And well done, Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President, for making today “Michael ‘King of Pop’ Jackson Memorial Day.” We realize that making a new stop called ‘Hoyt-Schermerhorn-Michael-Jackson’ may be a stretch for the already-plagued G Train, so let’s take this moment, and the boom boxes and car stereos that have made it spectacular in my neighborhood, and call it quits. Goodbye, Michael. We will miss you. 

Posted by: Autumn.


3 responses to “Happy 51st Birthday Michael Jackson

  1. um, excuse me, but “already-plagued G Train”?!?!

    That is my train you hussy! She is a gentle soul. She’s not plagued! In fact, she actually been quite nice lately extending herself out to Church Ave. I roll my eyes at you!!!

    *besides, that station also features the A train, go pick on that train. The G gets beat up enough as is.

  2. From the New York Times’ Real Estate section:

    “The G train isn’t like other trains.

    Over the years, innumerable articles, blogs and forums have referred to the G train as the stepchild of the subway system. But that’s not quite right — it’s not the stepchild, it’s more like that unwanted drunk uncle everyone has. It’s embarrassing and awkward and doesn’t quite behave like it’s supposed to, but you keep it around because, well, it’s family.

    The only train that doesn’t travel into Manhattan, the G line inspires as much fanaticism as contempt among its riders. They seem to have a dysfunctional relationship with it; they need it because it goes where no other train does, but they hate that they need it.”

    And Wendy, the A Train belongs to Dizzy Gillespie and no one else.


    Have you ever even been on the G train, Autumn?!

    My roommate likes to say that the G train is like the abusive boyfriend you can’t quite get away from. She treats you oh-so-gently, then kicks the crap out of you when you are down.

    I’ve got G train pride, it is true. Sure I have to transfer every time I ride her (except when going to Mariela’s now! Yay!), but I don’t care. Sure you have to wait a long time for her late at night, but no longer than you do for every other train at 4am.

    I’m just saying she should get more love. She is the forgotten step-child of the subway system. She’s Tuesday’s Child.

    If I were more talented, I’d write a song about the G train. Maybe I’ll write a love sonnet.

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