Song of the Day!

I have a lot of records.  A lot.  Most of my records are old, too.  Pre-80s.  Most people get really excited when they notice my record collection as they walk into my room.  That is until they realize that they’ve never heard of half of the artists I own albums of.  (It might scare people to realize I have over 20 Doris Day records too, but whatever)  Recently I bought myself one of those not so fancy record players that can help me import my vinyl into MP3 format.  I thought it would be fun to occasionally find a random tune out of my records and upload it here, for you, faithful Matterful readers.  I would love to hear reactions to the crazy, random music I adore.  So, without further delay, I present to you, Song of the Day!

Today’s song:  Kiss of Fire by Georgia Gibbs.

A few months ago I watched La Vie en Rose, an amazing bio-pic about Edith Piaf.  After the movie was over, I naturally turned to my record collection.  I thought I had had some Edith Piaf, and wanted to put it on and cry to it.  Apparently I don’t own any Edith Piaf, or if I do it is lost in the mix of records somewhere.  The point of this story is that while I was searching for some Edith Piaf, this song creeped up and attacked my brain.  I began to sing it all over the house until I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to dig through my collection until I found it.
The record that I have this on was a bonus album found in a record that I had bought at a thrift store.  It didn’t belong to the sleeve that it was in, but it needed a home so I assume someone took pity on it and placed it with a compatible counterpart.  It is off of a various artists compilation called The Great Ones.
It is no wonder that this song made it on to an album of that title.  This 1952 hit begins with a gun blast of horns that make you duck for cover.  The tango that ensues makes you wanna grab that stranger in the corner that you’ve been eyeballing all night, and convince him to be yours through dance.  If that makes sense.  I don’t know that it does.
Favorite line of the song: “Love me tonight and let the devil take tomorrow!”
Someday, I wanna take burlesque lessons.  If I find myself in need of music for a routine, I’ll have this in my back pocket, ready to go.

Kiss of Fire – Georgia Gibbs

Post by Wendy


3 responses to “Song of the Day!

  1. Wendy,
    Rawrrrr! What a fun song! I’m so excited about this…can’t wait to hear tomorrow’s song:)

  2. Oops. I think I got a little carried away with that fiery song and imagined that this would be a daily feature. Oh well, I look forward to the next one!

  3. i want to borrow that voice–if just for one day.

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