Charlie Day Time! Season 2, Episode 5: Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom

In this episode, we learn what sitcom life would be like if Charlie Day was in Charge instead of Scott Baio.  And…it ain’t pretty.

charles in charge

The newly-promoted Charlie shows his cunning side and concocts an evil scheme in order to get back at Dennis for threatening to sleep with the waitress.  He sums it up perfectly when he tells Dee:  “It’s not sex I want from you;  it’s sex I don’t want from Dennis.”

What ensues is a hilarious cat and mouse game of banging friends’ parents — which we quickly learn, can’t be “unbanged” — and fake toupees, leading to one of the funniest Sunny scenes ever showcasing Frank’s misguided dance floor moves.


Still, at the heart of Charlie’s diabolical actions is his love for the waitress, and, when it’s revealed that she was driven by his very own plotting to sleep with Frank (because “she likes her sex old and ugly”) the episode takes a heartbreaking turn.  As the camera zooms in on Charlie’s face, his nose goes all Rudolph, his eyes well up and then one, solitary tear jumps for its life.  You wish the utmost comfort for him:  right back to doing Charlie work…just where he belongs.

Posted by: Mariela


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