Patrick, oh Patrick!

Usually when a celebrity kicks the bucket I have a very detached reaction.  I wouldn’t flinch and I’d likely offer up a cool response such as, “hmmm, really.”  Seems callous, but I equate a celebrity’s death with that of a complete stranger.  It’s a person (albeit a talented, wealthy or just plain lucky person) who I have never formed a bond with so I don’t feel any grief.

But, every once in a while when a celebrity dies it really bothers me.  Eliott Smith, Heath Ledger … Since I’m typically not bothered by celebrity deaths I ask myself on these rare occasions why it hits me so hard.  Recently, my heart dropped when I heard that Patrick Swayze died from his battle with pancreatic cancer.


A few months ago I was channel surfing and I came across Barbara Walter’s interview with Swayze shortly before he died.

I was bawling by the end of it, sobbing.  Mind you, I had the “Dirty Dancing” soundtrack, the second soundtrack “More Dirty Dancing” and I knew every line to “She’s like the Wind,” but the true reason I was so broken up over his death was because he and his wife Lisa had been married for 34 years!  That must set a Hollywood record.  With the American divorce rate hovering somewhere around 50%, it seems like Hollywood marriages are doomed from the beginning, most with a shelf life under a year, obviously entered into for the publicity and career boost.

I recently read about a 101-year-old couple in Great Britain who were married for 81 years!  She told reporters that the secret to a long marriage was to “argue every day.” Statistically it’s nearly impossible for two people to stay married for 81 years, not only because of the high divorce rate but also because the chances of living to see your 100th birthday are less than 1%.  Maybe a Hollywood marriage has about the same odds? What do you think?

Posted by: Jenni


2 responses to “Patrick, oh Patrick!

  1. i think happy celebrity marriages are like unicorns: beautiful in theory but mostly a sham. relationships are hard enough without throwing in fake sex with hot co-stars, big egos and months apart in the mix. i’m not sure what the story is with swayze and his wife. maybe they’re the exception to the rule.


    Check out this article about his wife’s upcoming appearance at a grieving seminar hosted by Maria Shriver. Interesting and sad.

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