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Just Did It: After Miss Julie

After Miss Julie

Ben Brantley of the New York Times started his review by saying, “Let me just say up front that I was rooting for Sienna Miller.” Let me just say I wasn’t rooting for Sienna Miller. Maybe the better statement is: I wasn’t expecting much from Sienna Miller. As “movie stars” are showing up on Broadway more and more often, and many times it feels uncomfortable and forced (Julianne Moore in The Vertical Hour, anyone?), I didn’t expect much from Miller. I was pleasantly surprised by her and After Miss Julie.

Miller (as Julie) and the other Miller—Johnny Lee Miller as John—do “crazy” its justice. They both do neurotic, spiteful, sad, needy, fearful, mean…very well. Their range was impressive. One of the most titillating dialogues:

JULIE: Am I your conquest? Nothing more?
JOHN: Don’t force me to be cruel.
JULIE: Tell me what I am.
JOHN: A fuck.
JULIE (childlike, to herself): I’m all dirty.
JOHN: So wash.
JOHN (He stands): Which one, Madame? There were so many.
JULIE: You’re still a servant, you scared little squaddie, you’re still a servant.
JOHN: And you’re a servant’s slut.

Weaknesses: Miller was stretching to fill the shoes of her bourgeoisie character, a little like she was playing dress up. The segues between the fits of rage and passion felt a little quick, forced. But maybe that was just how crazy and scattered the characters were supposed to be.

Unexpected delight: Marin Ireland who wowed me in Reasons to Be Pretty as the third part of this on-stage trio.

Good show, well worth my discount ticket price, and I’d have to say it’s given me a little more faith in both Millers—and maybe even the plethora of big names on Broadway.

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Just Did It: The Photographic Dictionary


I just spent the better part of an hour perusing The Photographic Dictionary, “dedicated to defining words through the literal, figurative, and personal meanings found in each photograph.” Some of my favorites are Exhausted (above), Endearing, Intimacy, and Queue (partly just because I like the word itself so much). They accept submissions. Makes me think what words my favorite photographs embody…

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Links of the Day

SwineSwine flu reaches pandemic levels. But could it get any cuter?

All this press on Ari Emanuel just makes me anxious for Entourage and Ari Gold to come back.

Are you going to be on the computer at midnight tomorrow to register your Facebook URL? Want to bet the site crashes…

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Links of the Day

Spelling Bee

Would you be able to spell ‘hircocervus?’ (Hint: it’s a legendary half-goat, half-stag. Is that supposed to help??) Spelling Bee champs are awesome! The finals are tonight…

We love Sotomayor!?? Public seems to approve. Opponents don’t seem to have arguments that are sticking (at least yet). Could Obama’s first Supreme Court appointment really be this smooth? Somehow I doubt it.

Hugs…they’re the ‘it’ embrace. Or as The Daily Beast puts it. ‘The New Fist Bump.’

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Just Read It: Summer Reading Anyone?


I’m on a roll. I know Mariela is on a roll. Anyone else experiencing a string of really great books? Check my summer suggestions below. They’re not new and they might not all be works of literary brilliance (although Eggers is!), but for me they are all page-turners perfect for a day in the sun this summer.

A Heast Breaking Work of Staggering Genius, Dave Eggers. Funny, heartwarming, dysfunctional. I want him to be my brother. And besides writing, check out his work to inspire the next generation of writers.

Unaccustomed Earth, Jhumpa Lahiri. From the author of The Namesake, short stories that I wish were each their own full-length book.

Beautiful Boy, David Sheff. If you have the slightest interest in addiction stories, this is the best yet. Next on my list: Tweak, the son’s first-person account of his battle with meth.

When Skateboards Will Be Free, Said Sayrafiezadeh. He lives in Village, is a graphic designer at Martha Stewart–and grew up with an Iranian father and Jewish-American mother who spent their lives fighting for the socialist revolution. Beautiful memoir mixed with interesting bits of history.

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, Toby Young. Pure indulgence. Not quite “chic lit” since Young is male, but delightfully easy-to-read gossip about New York publishing industry, international celebrities and trying to ‘make it.’ (Just skip the movie version).

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Links of the Day: Videos of the Week

The Web is the future. And we are the Web. Web 2.0…The Machine is Us/ing Us takes us into the future of communications and connections. A future that is changing as fast as it can be documented.


And The Story of Stuff tries to slow things down, suggesting that we don’t need to constantly have something newer, better. And such constant turnover will eventually bring us to our demise.

And because sometimes you just want to smile. Check out this creative photo-video tale.

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Links of the Day

In a brilliant move to garner publicity for his new TV show, Isaac Mizrahi creates a dress out of USA Today newsprint. And guess who runs a  full-page spread on it…Project Runway fans: Are you going to watch Bravo’s replacement, The Fashion Show with Mizrahi as host, or hold out for the return of Runway with Heidi & Time this summer?

California might have a new plan to balance its budget: ‘Let’s get high!”

‘Brooklyn a la Cart’: The Red Hook ballfield vendors are back! Who else is ready? Wet your palate with this unofficial guide. Who knew they’ve been serving up Latin cuisine since 1974?!

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