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A World Without Abuelas

Recently, I started thinking about what life would have been like without Abuelas.  Here’s what I came up with:

  • No creamy mashed potatoes that you can pat down into a flat pancake.
  • Nobody saying “Que dios to bendiga” as you bid your good byes.
  • No family secrets divulged in Spain over sangria.
  • No balconies overlooking the hustle and bustle of Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.
  • Nobody to ask you over and over again if you want another banana, or another glass of water, or a third plate.
  • No front porches filled with scorpions or back yards filled with coquis.
  • Nobody to pass you a $5 or $10 behind your Abuelo’s back.
  • No unmatched croquettas made with love and lots of secret ingredients.
  • Nobody to make me and my cabbage patch dolls custom-made clothes, including the coolest, hot pink, off-the-shoulder,  Christmas Formal dress I wish I still had.
  • No glimpses of Spanish-language novelas that never quite sucked me in.
  • No old photographs.
  • No smarties every Sunday.
  • No Jetta I could pretend was mine.
  • No coke that cross-my-heart tastes different in Puerto Rico.
  • Nobody to try to teach English to just for a loving laugh.
  • No frijoles recipe living in my Hotmail inbox for years.
  • No perfectly manicured nails…even at the end.
  • No witches next door with hair down to their knees.
  • Nobody babysitting on nights that brought out the most mischievous in you, like exploding godzillas in microwaves or playing with your dad’s razor.
  • No favorite nights at Pizza Hut with an arcade overlooking the dining area.
  • No house to live in while we were in between houses.
  • No Dulce Maria’s in my immediate family.

A world without Abuelas is a sad world indeed.

Posted by: Mariela