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Charlie Day Time! *Special Craft Edition*

Spotted these while farting around at work today. After squealing like a little girl, I printed them out and started cutting away. Enjoy the end result.

These awesome little paper crafts can be found here.  And don’t worry fans, more episode reviews of It’s Always Sunny are on their way!

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Charlie Day Time! Season 2, Episode 7: Hundred Dollar Baby

This episode opens with a nod to Rocky IV, which the male Gang members call “the greatest movie of all time.”  But, in this version, Charlie plays Rocky Balboa as “Clown Baby,” a hooded and hopped up basement fighter who does his best when he is beyond drunk.

His best involves: being surprised with a garbage can to the face at 11am; getting rammed on the back by a chair and a large, wooden stick; and taking a beer bottle straight to the nose.  These training exercises, along with the “performance enhancement supplements” he’s been swiping from Dee-as-Hillary Swank, cause Dennis and Mac to remark that they’ve “turned him into an animal.”

I must agree.  As Charlie sits on a Paddy’s high table devouring a pre-fight meal, he resembles “The Dark Crystal” Skeksis that give me the willies.

Those of us crushing on Charlie might feel jipped by this episode.  Despite clear direction by Dennis and Mac and the final Charlie/Dee face-off where he explodes with “I’m going to take one second to take my shirt off…and then you’re going to die,” the shirt never comes off.  They end up in jail and we end up pretty sure that, had Charlie fought as Clown Baby instead of Mac, he would have won.  After all, we’ve already made the case that Charlie is one tough dude.

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Charlie Day Time! Season 2, Episode 6: The Gang Runs for Office

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Charlie care so much about anything before this episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” “These are, like, an investment. This is my future here,” Charlie says about his immaculately kept album of Garbage Pail Kids. It’s the first time, I feel, that he’s ever meticulously catalogued and taken ownership for anything.

I wonder if we’ll learn anything from this information.


definition 2b: a person primarily interested in political office for  selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons.]

I did not make up that definition. Merriam Webster did. “Selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons” seem to be the sole reason that The Gang does anything, so it was only time before they attempted to become politicians. Mac claims that they’re being ‘blasted in the ass’ by taxes and Sweet Dee’s retort is to go vote. This enrages not only Charlie, but the rest of the gang. Frank says ‘you have to be a real low life piece of shit to get involved in politics.” Think The Gang qualifies?

After being overpowered by both Mac and Frank as Dennis’ campaign manager, Charlie slips into the pub’s office to do a little backdoor wheeling and dealing to win Dennis over. He convinces Dennis with the flare of a 40s muckracker. Phase one complete.

While Mac is trying to solicit a bribe from union reps and Sweet Dee is getting all whored up to run too, Dennis and Charlie hit the mall to press the flesh of their constituents.

Then, in typical Charlie fashion, we find him embrace his demented, creative side while shooting an advertisement for Dennis’ campaign. Here is the speech he scripts for Dennis: “Hello fellow American.  This, you should vote, me.  I leave power.  Good!  Thank you. Thhhaaankk you!  If you vote me, I’m hot. Taxes, they’ll be lower.  Sun. The democratic vote for me is right thing to do Philadelphia, so do!” That coupled with the fact that Dennis is standing in front of two beach towels–one, a million dollar bill, the other an American flag–equals total political success, Charlie surely thinks.

It’s from this scene that we learn a few more things about Charlie: that he is dyslexic and that he shares the crusty ol’ futon with Dennis’ dad. It really just keeps getting better and better with him.

In obvious Deep Throat fashion, he meets with Frank in a dark parking garage to settle a bribe only to learn that the one thing he really cares about is at stake: his meticulous collection of Garbage Pail Kids. Charlie’s selfless side surfaces again because the next thing we see is Frank holding the album–Charlie gave it all up for Dennis! His dreams, his future! Whatta guy. Whatta idiot.

As soon as his hands are on the smear tape that Frank was holding over their campaign, Dennis just gives up on the campaign and we see Charlie finally flip. Like, for realz. He twitches, he pokes his head in and out like a lizard, he slams his shoe on the bar destroying the tape and he all around looses his shit. He gave up EVERYTHING, “my blood, sweat, tears… my Garbage Pail Kids.”

We have learned a valuable lesson about Charlie in this episode: he cares more about Garbage Pail Kids than reading, more about Dennis’ comptroller campaign than his Garbage Pail Kids and not at all about himself, his self esteem or the fact that he shares a couch with an old, sweaty bald man. Oh, and that he’ll always come out on the bottom of The Gang’s shit pile.

Class dismissed.


Charlie Day Time! Season 2, Episode 5: Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom

In this episode, we learn what sitcom life would be like if Charlie Day was in Charge instead of Scott Baio.  And…it ain’t pretty.

charles in charge

The newly-promoted Charlie shows his cunning side and concocts an evil scheme in order to get back at Dennis for threatening to sleep with the waitress.  He sums it up perfectly when he tells Dee:  “It’s not sex I want from you;  it’s sex I don’t want from Dennis.”

What ensues is a hilarious cat and mouse game of banging friends’ parents — which we quickly learn, can’t be “unbanged” — and fake toupees, leading to one of the funniest Sunny scenes ever showcasing Frank’s misguided dance floor moves.


Still, at the heart of Charlie’s diabolical actions is his love for the waitress, and, when it’s revealed that she was driven by his very own plotting to sleep with Frank (because “she likes her sex old and ugly”) the episode takes a heartbreaking turn.  As the camera zooms in on Charlie’s face, his nose goes all Rudolph, his eyes well up and then one, solitary tear jumps for its life.  You wish the utmost comfort for him:  right back to doing Charlie work…just where he belongs.

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Charlie Day Time! The Nightman Cometh at Beacon Theater

A Flipadelphia rivalry…Santa banging Charlie’s mom and Charlie going all “Let the Right One In” on his ass…Dennis returning to his frat glory days…and Danny Devito in skinny jeans.   These are all things to look forward to in the new season of the most inappropriate show on TV — “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”  I was terribly looking forward to the Sunny Gang’s performance of “The Nightman Cometh” at the Beacon Theater earlier this week.


So, apparently, were a lot of other people.  The red carpet was packed and, though I had missed Charlie (sigh), Dennis and Mac, I did get to catch Sweet Dee (finally popular with the boys; scoliosis be damned!) and Devito making the rounds.  “Catching” Devito in a crowd of people posed some serious technical difficulties.

IMG_0311 IMG_0316

After an unfortunate opening band, we were treated to a clip from the show’s upcoming Christmas DVD special and a full episode from the new season.  Then, a painfully funny trailer that captured all of the show’s moments leading to the main attraction — the Charlie-penned musical “The Nightman Cometh.”  It’s so sweet that he wrote this in the name of pure love for the waitress.  Her disdain was met by violent boos from the audience.  I guess we’re not the only ones bowled over by Charlie’s charm?

The Gang sang, danced, swirled ribbons, karated, trolled and nearly incested all the way to Dayman’s triumph.  The Grand Finale had the entire Beacon audience on our feet, hands clapping overhead, singing “OW-AY-OH!”


As I was leaving, I overheard one woman saying, “Every time I leave the theater I feel so cultured.”  I’m sure she was being sarcastic, since cultured in relation to Sunny is a bit of a stretch.  But I sure felt uplifted.  And even more uplifted when I spotted the hard-to-pin-down Greenman outside by the tour bus.


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Charlie Day Time! Season 2, Episode 4: Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare

Charlie is strong. We all know this by now. Although some of you are thinking ‘freakishly’ strong, I beg to differ. He’s just a well-muscled man. I mean, look at those biceps when he rolls the sleeves up on his tshirt and the way he can lift that pool table while Mac stands there grounded by his utter weakness. He’s so strong that he doesn’t even want a father figure (let alone Frank as  his father figure) because he can figure out this life on his own, thank you very much. What he isn’t, is strong in the mental department, but that’s okay. Sometimes we like the strong, silent type. But Charlie isn’t one to keep silent for long. Or ever. When Frank asks him to hide his money from his wife’s prying eyes, Charlie likes the shady aspect and asks “What’s the vig?” What he should really be asking Frank is “What’s a vig?” When Mac tells him about the work for welfare program, Charlie clearly doesn’t know what’s being said. That’s okay, Charlie. Just sit there and look good. But Charlie doesn’t look good when he hires folks on welfare to do his shit work, literally, at the bar. And he looks less good when he pees and flushes all over some poor Latina woman, whom he whispers is their ‘slave.’ But then he looks good again, damn it! He’s in a tuxedo with tails, sucking up Frank’s money and repelling Sweet Dee and Dennis’ spiral into crack addiction with his own 40s heyday soiree with a bunch of hookers on his lap in a limo. He looks just as good as this:


Oh, the oscillations of the Charlie roller coaster. All aboard!

[Note: New season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia starts September 17th on FX!]

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Charlie Day Time! Season 2, Episode 3: The Gang Gives Back


Dear Charlie,

I’d be a better date than the waitress. I swear.

I’d let you take your shoes off and sit in my comfy chair. I’d buy you mimosas and then promise to be a good sponsor — for you, only for you. I’d invite you into my apartment, let you shower and hope that you show off. I’d revel at your muscles and even throw the basketball game.  That last one would be difficult, but I understand sacrifice. I’d introduce you to my favorite karaoke bar and sing a killer backup vocal. Or if you want me to take the lead, that’s cool, too.

I’d share with you all my deepest, darkest secrets like: my favorite color is green; my music taste is varied but I lean toward indie rock; and my dog Cleo is my best friend. There is so much more to share.  I am miles deep.

But most of all, I’d appreciate you and ignore Dennis.  When he hits on me — and we know he will; an ego that size is hard to stomp out — I’d say:  “Sorry, I got a man.”

The waitress doesn’t deserve you. She never will.

Call me, please.


Charlie Day Time! Season 2, Episode 2: The Gang Goes Jihad

One of my absolute favorite things about It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is introduced in this episode: the group sing-along.  And what a perfect song to sing-along to: Extreme’s “More Than Words.”  

I was obsessed with this song as a Catholic school freshman — in fact, I recall even using it when it was my turn to kick off group prayer in religion class — and I’m equally obsessed with harmonizing at all times.  I love how they all gather around the bar and stay true to their parts, but mostly I love how seriously Charlie takes it.  His fingertips are at his temples, he is intensely concentrating (so much so that we never see his face) and when the rest of The Gang stops, it’s clear that Charlie is charged with the high notes.  He’s not going to give Mariah a run for her money, but he sure does give it his all.


So, we witness Charlie “The Singer” and we’re also privy to Charlie “The Director” in this episode.  While he doesn’t have a clue about the situation in Israel (he assumes it has something to do with a tsunami or a Superdome), he does have a creative vision for what a terrorist video should look like and he directs Dennis and Mac in all their political incorrect glory.  If he had a bigger budget, he admits he would even build a cave.  And when Dennis and Mac chicken out and think they went too far with their Jihad video, Charlie is the only one that has the balls to stand by it.  “I directed the shit out of this video.  This stuff is gold,” he professes.

Speaking of balls, Charlie swings his around a bit when he’s trying to pump up Frank to face his hysterical wife, who’s beating down the door at their apartment of squalor.  Love the dance, Charlie, but I can do without the crotch shot at that scene’s opener.  I much prefer you in the sweater-and-collared shirt look while trying to translate the lawyer’s double talk and, thus, okay your way to illegal activity.

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Charlie Day Time! Season Two, Episode One – Charlie Gets Crippled

DENNIS, YOU SON OF A BITCH!    -Charlie Kelly

It’s good to see you haven’t changed, Charlie. From the opening breath of FX’s Season 2 of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,’ we find the dude quotient of the gang slamming a beer and getting ready to hit the strip club. Charlie immediately razzes Mac’s sissy style of chugging by chiding him almost mid-burp with: ‘What is wrong with you? Do you have a little throat?’ He tries to finish off the dregs of the pitcher but Mac snags it away (‘Don’t be grabby,’ Charlie replies). Within the next 5 seconds Charlie asks to borrow $20 from Dennis. Charlie has returned and he is relentless.

Then, with the brilliantly shocking introduction of new gang member Frank Reynolds, who is Sweet Dee and Dennis’ dad (a role perfectly cast for comedy legend Danny DeVito), we get our first connection of the pain that Frank brings to Charlie’s life. Frank pops out of nowhere and jumps in front of Dennis’ car which freaks him out and sends him backing up in a tizzy, running over our beloved Charlie. Ahhh, the gang is back–and they’re bigger and better than ever!

As mentioned, the relationship with Charlie and Frank is complicated. They bring out the best and worst in each other. Here are a few examples:

1. Charlie’s banged up appearance in his wheelchair brings around a couple of sensitive strippers offering their services to him. He immediately offers one of his free strippers to a sullen Frank for a lap dance. That is too kind, Charlie! Really.

charlie crippled

2. ‘Since when do you give a shit about people?’ Mac asks Charlie after he tells him to ‘have a heart‘ about Frank making three a crowd. C’mon Mac! Charlie is a sweetheart and apparently he has a soft spot for this strange, little man. He even tells Mac, ‘Maybe you should be the one who leaves.’ When Mac and Charlie get locked out of Charlie’s apartment, Frank claims the strippers for himself and tells the wheel chair-bound Charlie to go get him some sodas. That’s cold, man. 

3. In one of the most twisted, backhanded compliments ever, Frank awakes Charlie (who slept the night stuck in his wheelchair, cold and alone in his apartment hallway) and tells him: ‘Last night was one of the greatest nights of my life. I used to live like this, in squalor, in filth… I wanna live like you again, Charlie… I wanna be pathetic, and desperate, and ugly and hopeless.‘ Charlie’s only offense to Frank’s enthusiasm? ‘OK, I’m not ugly.’  No, Charlie, you are decidedly not ugly. Frank decides he wants to live with Charlie and offers to pay his rent for 6 months. Finally! Some unbridled appreciation for your fetid lifestyle has arrived! Let the antics begin. 

3. And so they do… The duo buys Charlie a Vietnam Vet uniform to maximize the sympathetic responses from the strippers and we get prepared to see Charlie play up the sweet factor. A stripper approaches Charlie and asks what happened to him, to which Charlie replies: ‘VIET-GODDAMN-NAM HAPPENED. GO GET ME A BEER, BITCH!‘ A hilariously unexpected moment that is classic Charlie. Frank’s response is to block Charlie’s wheelchair in a corner and so the abuse continues. Frank then plays up his role as Charlie’s care taker and wins all the love from the ladies. 

4. The final straw: Frank returns to the strip club and steals Charlie’s thunder again by getting his own motorized wheel chair which kinda sends Charlie over the edge. They’re practically killing each other at the scene’s end–Frank yelling ‘it’s a win-win situation‘ and Charlie telling him he’s ruined the best thing that has ever happened to him. They argue their way out of Dahlia’s Den and Frank knocks the truly crippled Charlie out of his wheel chair and beats the shit out of him.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

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Charlie Day Time! Episode 7 – Charlie Got Molested.

Charlie and the McPoyles

This week’s episode is “Charlie Got Molested”, in which the gang thinks that Charlie got molested by his gym coach back in the day, but in reality he didn’t.  It marks the end of Season One for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I love this episode for two non-Charlie reasons.  The main reason is that this is the  first appearance by the McPoyle brothers, who are so creepy and disgusting that you can’t help but bust a gut laughing just by looking at them.  The second reason this episode is amazing is because it features America’s favorite principal Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) as the gym coach from Charlie and Mac’s past.

But enough about other people that are not our beloved Charlie Day.  This episode is chocked full of tidbits about Charlie.  So, without further delay, let’s look at some of the things we learned about Charlie in this very special episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  • Charlie can come up with some pretty evil schemes when he’s wasted.  This is pointed out to Charlie by the McPoyle brothers when he comes to stop them from falsely accusing the gym teacher of molesting them in order to get wealthy off of the lawsuit.  They point it out to him that he was the one that came up with the plan one night when they were all out drinking together.
  • As a child, Charlie was a bit of a psychopath. Mac comes to Dee and Denis and tells them his theory of why Charlie couldn’t have been molested as a child because he wasn’t weak like child molesters like their victims to be.  Mac goes on to describe Charlie as a child:  “… Charlie was a little bit of a psychopath.  He had this thing when he got excited his face would just turn purple and he would start biting things.  I don’t think Murray would have put his dick anywhere near him.”
  • Charlie’s mom calls him her “little gingerbread man”. She states this when she is trying to compose herself, and tells herself to “be strong for your little gingerbread man”.  This is hilarious to me.
  • Charlie has an Uncle Jack.  This isn’t that exciting of a tidbit, except that I also have an Uncle Jack.  Although mine is not creepy, and doesn’t get enjoyment over watching people touch dolls in naughty places.
  • Charlie touched his sister’s vagina. Apparently.  This comes out when everyone is hugging and crying because of the intervention.

That’s it for this week’s Charlie Day Time!  Up next….Season Two and the arrival of Danny Devito!

charlie and the baby

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