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Just Did It: After Miss Julie

After Miss Julie

Ben Brantley of the New York Times started his review by saying, “Let me just say up front that I was rooting for Sienna Miller.” Let me just say I wasn’t rooting for Sienna Miller. Maybe the better statement is: I wasn’t expecting much from Sienna Miller. As “movie stars” are showing up on Broadway more and more often, and many times it feels uncomfortable and forced (Julianne Moore in The Vertical Hour, anyone?), I didn’t expect much from Miller. I was pleasantly surprised by her and After Miss Julie.

Miller (as Julie) and the other Miller—Johnny Lee Miller as John—do “crazy” its justice. They both do neurotic, spiteful, sad, needy, fearful, mean…very well. Their range was impressive. One of the most titillating dialogues:

JULIE: Am I your conquest? Nothing more?
JOHN: Don’t force me to be cruel.
JULIE: Tell me what I am.
JOHN: A fuck.
JULIE (childlike, to herself): I’m all dirty.
JOHN: So wash.
JOHN (He stands): Which one, Madame? There were so many.
JULIE: You’re still a servant, you scared little squaddie, you’re still a servant.
JOHN: And you’re a servant’s slut.

Weaknesses: Miller was stretching to fill the shoes of her bourgeoisie character, a little like she was playing dress up. The segues between the fits of rage and passion felt a little quick, forced. But maybe that was just how crazy and scattered the characters were supposed to be.

Unexpected delight: Marin Ireland who wowed me in Reasons to Be Pretty as the third part of this on-stage trio.

Good show, well worth my discount ticket price, and I’d have to say it’s given me a little more faith in both Millers—and maybe even the plethora of big names on Broadway.

Posted by: Lisa


Reviews in under 200 characters: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Today’s review:  Forgetting Sarah Marshall

“Oh, Paul Rudd…someday you will be mine.  Oh yes.  You will be.  We both live in NYC, we’ll randomly meet on the subway, you’ll leave your wife, and life will be good.  If I dream hard enough, it will come true!”

Netflix Rating :  3 Stars

**I am shocked by how many of you Matterful ladies put this in your top ten for the year.  I must have missed the funny.

Reviews in under 200 characters: Teeth

Teeth movieToday’s review:  Teeth

“Holy Cow of Awesomeness!! Great addition to the trash cinema genre! This movie is played perfectly. Best scene might be the OBGYN fight. Hysterical. Adds a new level to rape revenge movies. I liked it!”

Netflix rating:  Four stars.

**On a side note, and this had nothing to do with how I rated the movie, but the kid that plays her first boyfriend Toby is a babe!  Sorry for the bit of fourteen year old babble, but I had to confess it.

Posted by:  Wendy


Reviews in under 200 characters: In Bruges

*Thought I would start something new here.  I enjoy sending my friends mini-reviews on Netflix by sending them ‘notes’.  Now, these ‘notes’ can only be a maximum of 200 characters.  This forces you to cut down to the bear minimum of what the movie was to you.  You either shout-out the praises from the highest mountain or vomit forth the bile that you collected while watching the film.  I’ll be cheating just slightly here, adding a bit more info at the end.

In Bruges Today’s review:  In Bruges

“Movie is worth watching for Gleeson* and Fiennes*. The film is less funny but more charming than the previews makes it out to be. Gets off track in some places, but Gleeson and Fiennes steer it back.”

Netflix rating:  4 stars (was going to be three, but then I thought about Gleeson and Fiennes and added a star just for them)

*had to shorten their names to fit into 200 characters.  I am talking, of course, about Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes.  Gleeson got nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in the film.

Posted by:  Wendy