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Women Matter to The New York Times Magazine Folks

With the confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, we have been seeing some major attention to another powerful and intelligent woman. Forget that she and Al Franken share a love of Perry Mason, Sotomayor is only our third female Supreme Court Justice to date and she has just weathered a pretty tough time in our media.


The second female Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was recently featured in one media source that has consistently over the last few weeks been paying a lot of attention to strong and intelligent women:¬†The New York Times Magazine. In celebration of the approach of her 10th year as a Supreme Court Justice, the NYT Magazine interviewed Ginsburg in their July 12th edition about Sotomayor, affirmative action, and being a woman in a man’s workplace.


Here is one of my favorites of her responses:

“I always thought that there was nothing an antifeminist would want more than to have women only in women’s organizations, in their own little corner empathizing with each other and not touching a man’s world. If you’re going to change things, you have to be with the people who hold the levers.”

Two weeks later, the NYT Magazine featured another influential woman, this time on their cover.


Valerie Jarrett, ‘Obama’s BFF’ as the article’s title calls her, is featured as a mysterious yet powerful pal to the President and a force to be reckoned with in Washingtonian politics. More a story about what people think of her than what she thinks, Jarrett’s ear is a sure-fire way into Obama’s inner circle. When asked if he runs all his decisions past Jarrett, President Obama replied: “Yes. Absolutely.”

A week later the NYT Magazine continued its trend with an article about Julia Childs, an essay about our daughters needing female superheroes and another pages-long spread on a woman–actress Anne Heche–who is making yet another power play, but this time in Hollywood, not Washington D.C.


The article candidly looks at the complicated public life that the actress has lead–from stories of sexual abuse, to hetero- and homosexual relationships, to dealing with split personalities. Heche appears honest and willing to learn to live better from each curve ball thrown her way. In her words: “The message of my life has stayed the same. I think I was a wonderful spokeswoman for the right to be loved.”

This Sunday in the NYT Magazine?  Well, my calendar has a note about the magazine publishing something about women in developing nations. Kudos to you, NYT Magazine!

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