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It’s Showtime, Ladies!

As TNT is to the women-over-35 lead dramas on basic cable (Holly Hunter on Saving Grace, Kyra Sedgwick on The Closer and now Jada Pinkett-Smith on Time Heals), so it seems Showtime is to the women-over-40-lead dramas on premium cable.


I’m glad to see that the Times Square subway station is smothered with women-over-40 doing their thing by headlining series usually given to men: Mary Louise Parker in Weeds and the new Edie Falco vehicle Nurse Jackie. But something gave me pause. Besides 15 minutes of an episode of Saving Grace I saw maybe 6 months ago, I had never watched any of those shows on TNT. And besides the first season of  Weeds (which I enjoyed via Netflix), I haven’t seen anymore of it in years. What are the ratings looking like for these shows?  

Then I watched the Nurse Jackie trailer and became further perplexed: it seems like Showtime will give women their own shows but only if it involves selling or using drugs. Turns out Nurse Jackie has a bit of a Percocet problem. We all know that good dramas are inherently conflict-ridden but I wouldn’t mind seeing some other themes tackled on Showtime. What type of women-over-40 shows would you like to see?

Posted by: Autumn.